Why Office Coffee Is a Great Addition to New York City, Jersey City, and Newark Micro Markets

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Want to take your New York City micro market to the next level? Add office coffee! It’s a great addition to any micro market. Employees have quick and convenient access to premium coffee 24/7. This keeps them fueled and focused all day long.

Learn how Newark office coffee services can improve your micro market.

Transforms Your Tri-State Break Room into a 24/7 Café

Evans Refreshment Solutions’ Jersey City micro markets are on-site mini stores. They’re open all day, every day. Offering breakroom coffee lets employees buy brews whenever they want, avoiding the drive to the store. Thus, employees will save time and money.

However, employees won’t miss out on quality coffee. We offer premium roasts from big-name brands and local favorites. For example, we carry Baronet Coffee Roasters and Lacas Coffee Co. coffee.

Additionally, our state-of-the-art coffee brewers are sure to please. Evans Refreshment Solutions uses the latest breakroom technology. Therefore, our brewers come second to none. Ask us about our single-cup and bean-to-cup models. We’ll even install and maintain your brewer!

Need creamers and cups? We’ve got you covered! We’re a full-service office coffee provider. We’ll turn your micro market into a 24/7 coffee shop!

Office Coffee Pairs Perfectly with Vending Services

Feeling hungry? Buy food from the micro market! Our micro markets are loaded with fresh, flavorful options. Or, grab a snack from your New York City vending machine. Our vending technology makes shopping a breeze. We’re proud of our innovative vending solutions!

Need an instant pick-me-up? Enjoy your snack with coffee! This boosts energy and productivity. Some snacks that pair well with coffee are pastries, fruit, and dark chocolate.

Evans will help you find the perfect snacks. With over 60 years of experience, we know what employees crave. Plus, we always go the extra mile for our customers!

Office Coffee Is a Fantastic Employee Perk

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Employees are super busy. Office coffee maximizes their time. They don’t have to drive to a store or café. Delicious coffee is always available right on-site. They can also customize their cup with sweeteners and creamers. Evans has dairy-free alternatives and natural options, and there’s something for everyone!

Our modern breakroom technology offers even more convenience. We monitor your machines remotely, so we’ll know when they’re running low. We also receive real-time alerts if problems happen, so we’ll be there as quickly as possible to repair them. Office vending technology keeps machines fully stocked and working at their best!

Your team will always have convenient access to coffee and snacks. This is a great employee perk! Want to make their experience even better? Ask us about our office pantry and Newark water filtration services.

Add Office Coffee to Your Tri-State Micro Market Today!

Want a better breakroom? Add office coffee! We have quality coffee, brewers, and all the supplies. Plus, we use smart snack vending technology.

Contact us at (201) 641-6000 to learn more. We offer office coffee, micro market, and beverage vending technology solutions.

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