Self-Pay Markets

Self-Pay Markets

Make Your Break Room A Personalized Refreshment Oasis.

Looking for a more choices for snacks and refreshments for your employees? You have come to the right place. When it comes to providing quality workplace refreshment, more companies are switching to self-checkout breakrooms. Join the self-pay market revolution today!

At the heart of every market is a self-service kiosk. Cutting edge technology that enables employees to pay for purchases – a Market Card with stored value, credit or debit cards, fingerprint, or mobile wallets like Apple Pay.

Self-Pay Market Benefits

Enjoy an open break room refreshment solution with hundreds of options.

Well Designed Spaces

Open racks and glass-fronted coolers create an ideal space equally ready for meals or a mentor discussion. Your new “on site convenience store,” will be designed, built, and installed exactly to your specifications. Choose different shelving layouts, cooler quantities, and freezer types. We ensure your market setup is exactly how you want it.

Easy To Use Kiosk

Employees can shop the self-pay market at any time using the self-checkout kiosk. Checkout fast and securely at the technologically advanced self-pay kiosk. It allows for purchases 24 hours a day using a touchscreen where you can pay with cashless options such as credit or debit cards as well as mobile payment options like Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

Company Specific Solutions

We customize each self-pay market with the products your employees want most. We change out slow moving items, opting instead for the brands and categories in demand, including healthy alternatives. You are no longer limited to what can fit inside a vending machine! A wider variety of healthier food and drinks is available with the added space and open design.

No Product Hassles

Without vending machines, there are no coils for product to get caught in and not be delivered. Purchases are made at an easy to use, unmanned, self-checkout kiosk. Virtually no service issues for you to deal with!

Improve Corporate Culture

Self-Pay markets come with a sophisticated, energizing atmosphere that immediately enhances morale. A pantry service in the breakroom provides a great environment for employees to gather, get to know each other, discuss and share ideas

Safe, Secure

We employ the highest level of PCI stands for Payment Card Industry for payments. We install security cameras that can monitored and recorded with multiple cameras that can be viewed on the web to protect from vandalism and theft.

Self-Pay Markets

How Does It Work?

Just Choose, Scan & Swipe!

The Kiosk

The Heart of the Self-Pay Market

A Checkout Solution For Every Breakroom!

Our market kiosks are powered by interactive touchscreens set in a durable, acrylic kiosk that won’t rust or warp. Backed by a fingerprint reader, barcode scanner, cashless payment acceptor (swipe and NFC), built-in webcam and optional RFID reader, our kiosk gives you the tools to maximize sales, maintain dependable performance, and speed up your self-pay market service efficiency.

  • Various Size Touchscreens
  • Bill Acceptor
  • Bar Code Reader
  • Biometric Fingerprint
  • Security Camera
  • Custom Colors, Decals or Wraps
  • Credit/Debit Card Acceptance
  • Tap2Pay Acceptance
  • Display Product Promotions
  • Highest Level of PCI and PA-DSS Certification of Any Market In The Industry

Mobile Checkout App

Our patented checkout mobile application will give your customer a full kiosk right in their hands.

Mobile, it’s a standard in our day-to-day lives. Why wouldn’t it be a standard in your markets?

Looking for increased market usage? What better way than increasing your checkout access points!

The mobile app has a built-in barcode scanner that quickly and reliably scans products into the user’s mobile cart.

Worried about increased theft? Don’t be! Self-pay market kiosks are fully secured with no access points and fully encrypted payment acceptance.

Paying for products in your market has never been easier! Customers today prefer cashless payments, and they can use the app for mobile payments like Android Pay and Apple Pay.

Market loyalty points! It feels like ever store is using this tech these days, why not you?!

Keep them coming back time and again with amazing features like: coupons rewards, loyalty bundles, promotions and more!

Custom Design

Your Needs. Your Layout.

Our full-convenience layout is made for any breakroom in mind, and these layouts can be customized to fit your location’s needs.

Do your employees love refrigerated snacks? Choose our Snack Cooler Layout. Do they prefer more traditional snacks like chips and snack bars? Go with the Extra Snack Shelf Layout. Maybe your employees are java lovers? The Coffee Station Layout will keep them energized. No matter your preference, there is a self-pay market layout for you.

Beyond Vending

Large Product Selection

One of the key benefits of this self-pay market concept in your break room is the fact that you are not restricted to what products can actually fit in a traditional vending machine. There are no size or shape restrictions and it also allows us to create a focus on healthy products. Before you buy you can pick up the products and look at the nutritional information and make a decision just like in a regular store. Employees can choose from hundreds of beverages, snacks, food, and many healthier options with the open concept self-pay market.


Waters, juices, teas, coffees, protein, energy & diet drinks.


Light snacks Including but not limited to chips grain snacks, trail mix, & more!

Fresh Fruit

A variety of fresh fruit will be at your employees’ disposal.

Vegetables / Salads

Vegetable Trays & Fresh Salads. Enjoy filling and healthy salads that will power you through any work day.


Shelf stable meals & meal kits. Leaner / healthier frozen meals & entrees. Natural meat snacks & packaged fish.

Sandwiches / Wraps

A variety of fresh delicious sandwiches and wraps to keep your employees satisfied.


Low fat Milks, Yogurts, Smoothies, Puddings, Ice Cream, & Cheeses.

Healthy Bars

Protein bars, energy bars for recovery and focus.

Hello Goodness

We Can Place Hello Goodness™ In Your Self-Pay Market

It’s not enough to offer snacking-to-go. Consumers are looking for the kind of convenience that fits their desire for a healthier lifestyle. That means the trusted brands from PepsiCo they know and love. Hello Goodness™ offers a wide portfolio of Good-For-You and Better-For-You products that provide fuel for sustained energy and satisfying products that enhance well-being.

Hello Goodness™ One-Stop Snack Center

Hello Goodness™ Countertop Snack Center

Hello Goodness™ Beverage Coolers