Evans Refreshment Solutions: Providing the New York City Area Breakroom Services for Over 60 Years

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A rare local gem, family-owned Evans Refreshment Solutions offers what others can’t. Its homegrown mission is to provide the highest level of breakroom services, which means the best products and breakroom technology. This is how ERS has gone from a humble start to over 2,000 accounts.

Strong vision and years of know-how ensure ERS will be serving New York City breakrooms for years to come.

Homegrown Breakroom Services

Ed Evans started ERS in the basement of his family’s home in Moonachie, NJ in 1960. He worked to get his breakroom services business off the ground in the early years. Ed was the salesman, visiting businesses to offer them his services. He was the routeman, filling New York City vending machines. And if the office coffee equipment needed repair, Ed was the technician on call.

While Ed ran the daily operations, his wife, Mildred, did the paperwork. She also had her own business, a home daycare. As their son Jim grew up, he learned the value of hard work and values from both his parents.

A Shared Vision

Ed had a vision for ERS. Five traits would ensure the company’s success: passion, integrity, reliability, dedication, and customer-centricity. These ideas are still at the core of ERS today.

The company has grown to over 50 employees, each sharing Ed’s vision for ERS. As a result, the team is always coming up with new and exciting ways to keep clients happy. Whether it is Newark office coffee service or Jersey City micro markets, ERS is focused on those we serve.

Breakroom Services for New York City and Beyond

Our client list in the New York Metro area is large and varied. We serve thousands of corporate accounts in many sectors. ERS is the go-to provider for Fortune 500 companies and hospitals. We also serve construction firms, hospitality groups, and more.

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ERS is a one-stop shop that can serve all these sectors. Our modern breakroom solutions are full-service. We offer New York City snack vending technology for 24-hour access to tasty treats. Or we can install a self-checkout breakroom solution, also known as a micro market. A micro market offers a mix of fresh food, snacks, and drinks. It’s got plenty of healthy options, too.

Dedicated to Quality in New York and New Jersey

ERS is focused on quality. It is our mission to offer a full list of name-brand products. These high-quality options stand out in New York City and New Jersey vending. Top products help our timely office coffee and vending services shine.

Innovators in Breakroom Services

Each service line we offer is at the forefront of office vending technology. That means modern, advanced vending. Self-checkout kiosks with innovation built-in. There are also high-end coffee machines and brewers with the latest features.

ERS also has well-trained technicians who are certified by big manufacturers. This keeps service high and gets your modern vending technology working again. If it can’t be fixed onsite, ERS keeps a clean and sanitary repair area.

Tri-State Breakroom Services You Can Count On

For more than 60 years, ERS has served the New York City, New Jersey and Pennsylvania area. ERS has grown with success from a one-man operation to a team of 50. A core vision, great products, and innovative vending technology made it possible.

ERS plans to continue serving beverage vending machines, micro markets, office pantry service, coffee, and more in the Tri-State area. Let us be your one-stop shop. Contact us at (201) 641-6000 for information on the best breakroom services for you.

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