Bevi Still or Sparking Flavored Water


Meet Bevi, The Smart Water Dispenser.

Still and sparkling flavored water on demand, proactive restocking, hassle-free service.

Bevi Benefits

Why should you consider a Bevi system for your office?

Complete Customization.

Starting with great-tasting filtered water, Bevi lets you customize your drink with a variety of creative and delicious flavorings. You can even brand your Bevi machine with your company logo.

Automatic Restocking.

Your Bevi is connected to the Internet, so our service team will proactively keep the machines stocked with your favorite flavors. Give your busy office manager one less thing to worry about!

Health + Hydration.

Choose from a variety of zero calorie, low calorie & sweetened flavors, or just enjoy pure filtered water. Bevi never uses high fructose corn syrup, and strives to promote a wellness environment at the workplace.

Sustainable Solution.

With Bevi, your office can eliminate waste from the production, transportation, and disposal of water bottles. Bevi machines save 924,808 bottles a day from landfill. It’s an easy way to make your office greener.


Your still and sparkling, multiflavored, eco-friendly, healthy water cooler that never runs out.

The traditional office water cooler has gone high-tech! Bevi isn’t just a water filtration machine; it customizes still and sparkling water with unsweetened, zero-calorie, or organically sweetened flavors. From kiwi strawberry and lime mint to citrus berry and blueberry cucumber, the flavor combinations are endless. The activated carbon filters remove sediment, chemicals, pesticides and the byproducts of chlorination for the best-tasting water possible. Plus, the automatic restocking function tracks when beverages run out or when a filter needs changing, replacing inventory proactively. How does it work? Bevi is connected to the internet with real-time data, enabling a proactive level of service and maintenance for each machine.

  • Standup Bevi: Our flagship floor-standing unit, Standup Bevi is the perfect addition to your fully stocked kitchen. Occupying only 4 square feet of floor space, the Standup Bevi is an eye-catching way to keep everyone healthy and hydrated.
  • Countertop Bevi: Countertop Bevi’s hidden beauty lies in the fact that its plumbing and hardware are integrated into your kitchen’s base cabinets, leaving only the sleek, compact dispensing unit visible on the countertop. Simply put: it’s sleek enough for any kitchen design. NOTE: The Countertop Bevi’s hardware must be installed in the base cabinet space below the dispenser.
  • Each Bevi machine automatically comes with still and sparkling water and can hold up to four flavors.

Beyond Water

Choose from a variety of flavors, available in still or sparkling water form.

Bevi gives you the power to not only choose what you drink, but how you drink it. Enjoy any of our zero-calorie, unsweetened flavors as either still or sparkling, or sip on our plain, filtered water. You decide! With both unsweetened and naturally sweetened flavors, our growing flavor portfolio offers a wide variety of healthy alternatives to sugary beverages.

Download The Bevi Flavor List With Nutrition Information

Want To See How Great Bevi Sparkling and Flavored Water Tastes?

Contact us today to schedule a FREE in-office tasting and you can learn more about this innovative smart cooler.

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