Keep Tri-State Area, Newark, and New York City Employees Hydrated and Happy with ColdSnap Frozen Treats

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Summer is in full swing, and Tri-State Area employees feel the heat. Luckily, you can help them stay cool with ColdSnap frozen treats. These Newark office snacks offer instant hydration. Plus, they’re ready to eat in just two minutes. No prep time is needed!

Keep reading to learn why ColdSnap office ice cream is the perfect summer addition to your breakroom.

What Are ColdSnap Frozen Treats?

ColdSnaps are a great addition to your Tri-State Area office water service. These frozen treats are made using cutting-edge breakroom technology. Thus, no prep time is needed; they’re ready in minutes.

Employees can enjoy instant hydration because self-stable pods freeze high-quality ingredients. Users can pick from a large assortment of flavors, such as coffee, vanilla, chocolate, or salted caramel. It’s like having a full-service ice cream shop in your Newark breakroom! Plus, no cleanup is needed.

ColdSnaps boost office hydration so employees can stay cool and productive. These snacks are also good for the environment, reducing carbon footprint.

Pairs Perfectly with Other Tri-State Breakroom Solutions

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Evans Refreshment Solutions is proud to lead New York City breakroom innovation. Customers have trusted us since 1960. All of our services pair well with ColdSnap snacks. For example, our Newark self-pay markets have fresh meals. Employees can buy healthy, refreshing food on-site and enjoy ColdSnap snacks for dessert!

Want other snacking options? Evans has you covered! We will personalize the perfect vending menu for your team. And thanks to our vending technology, employees can quickly buy delicious snacks 24/7. That’s because we use modern breakroom technology. Thus, our Tri-State Area vending machines are quick and reliable. Our office vending technology ensures your machines stay stocked and run optimally. Plus, our snack vending technology is energy-efficient. Enjoy a greener breakroom and reduced energy costs!

Boost Employee Satisfaction All Summer Long in NYC

Summer is a great time to celebrate your staff. Show them you care with ColdSnap frozen snacks. Or, get a Newark office pantry. Employees can enjoy free food. Our office pantry service can also be customized to your team’s needs. Thus, they’ll have instant access to all their favorites.

Subsidized micro markets can also improve staff satisfaction. Offer discounts on delicious and nutritious foods and drinks. This keeps employees happy and healthy in the summer and beyond!

Add ColdSnap Frozen Treats to Your Breakroom Lineup

Get your breakroom summer-ready with ColdSnap snacks.

Contact Evans today at (201) 641-6000 for more information. Ask us about our beverage vending technology, office coffee service, and micro market solutions. We’ll help your team stay happy and hydrated all year long!

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