Why Choose Evans Water

Why Evans Water

Our spring water, bottled water, water filtration and flavored/sparkling water services in the NY Metro area offer employees and guests pure tasting water without any hassles.

Evans can provide your office all the best water options from UV purification, carbon filtration and reverse osmosis to our own proprietary spring water from the Nescopeck Mountains of Pennsylvania. Looking for sparkling or flavored water? We’ve got that too!

Clean Spring Water

With our very own brand of spring water (straight from the northern slope of the Nescopeck Mountains in PA) and a rigorous purification process prior to bottling, no bottled spring water in NJ and NY is cleaner or better tasting than Evans Natural Spring Water!

Free Installation

Installation is free and done by our staff of highly trained technicians. We can put the cooler virtually anywhere (as long as there’s a waterline in the building). Installation is simple for our trained professionals, just like installing a phone jack.

Consistent Delivery Schedules

You can review your delivery schedule any time, either by referencing our website or the printed delivery schedule calendar we will provide you, so you’ll always know exactly when you can expect us next.

On-Time Deliveries

We’ll arrive for your office water delivery as scheduled, so your staff can always depend on having an uninterrupted supply of refreshing water to drink.

Consistent Service

All of your equipment is regularly serviced and maintained by our team of expert filtration professionals. We will replace filters, UV bulbs or any other components of your water service that require scheduled maintenance.

Sparkling and/or Flavored Water

With the new BEVI filtered water machine you can build your own customized still and sparkling water with unsweetened, zero-calorie, or organically sweetened flavors.

Fits Any Space

Our bottled and bottleless water filtration units come in a variety of configurations to fit any breakroom space. Choose from floor or countertop models in a number of styles.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis water coolers provide an even higher level of filtration over carbon and is ideal when the water source is unknown or is known to carry contaminants.

UV Protection Systems

Ultraviolet water purification is one of the most effective forms of water treatment as it destroys the DNA of bacteria before reaching your glass, leaving clean pure H2O.

The Extra Mile

Evans is happy to help with additional deliveries, maintenance requests, and anything else you may need to please your colleagues and guests.

Evans Water

Only The Best Will Do

Tailor your office water service program with nationally recognized brands like Crystal Mountain and Avalon to new favorites like BEVI.

Evans is committed to providing trusted, quality name brands: