Vending For Schools

Vending Programs For New Jersey and New York Schools

Vending Programs Available For All Grade Levels, From Pre-K to Universities – With A Focus On Healthy Options That Meet or Exceed State and Federal Guidelines.

In addition to working closely with the State Department of Child Nutrition and meeting U.S.D.A. state and local requirements, Evans utilizes selective menus and incorporates name brand products, such as Pillsbury® and General Mills®, more daily choices, and weekly and monthly promotions to give students a broader and/or more appealing menu selection – meaning virtually every student (even the picky eaters) will find something they like that’s also good for them.

Healthy Vending For Schools

Schools have a huge opportunity and responsibility to create a culture of wellness and we do everything in our power to make this as seamless and hassle-free as possible for schools.

Thanks to our status as a valued member of NAMA, the professional organization for vending companies, we can offer schools a nationally recognized healthy vending machine program called “Fit Pick SELECT”. This program highlights select snacks, beverages, and food that meet strict guidelines on calories, fat, sugar, and sodium.

Evans Understands of State and Federal Guidelines

Parents and cafeteria managers can feel confident that we follow the USDA standards to the letter, in terms of calorie limits, sugar and sodium levels, and other nutritional guidelines. No one has to choose between health and convenience.

We work enthusiastically with school districts’ Health and Wellness Policies to ensure that all beverages and snacks sold meet or exceed the minimum nutritional standards established by the USDA School Food Service Program.

For Schools – FitPick® SELECT

FitPick® SELECT is a FitPick® programming component that is specially designed to meet stringent nutrition guidelines. It is the ideal option for operators in schools and other locations who aim to provide snack choices that comply with the nutrition standards established by the USDA for snacks sold in schools.

FitPick® SELECT is the smartest and most responsible choice for micro market or vending operations in school settings or in another health-conscious setting.

All FitPick® items, over 700 snack, fresh and frozen food items are labeled with a FitPick® sticker to notify customers before the point of purchase of healthier snacking choices. In addition to labeling products in the machines, Global Vending Service is happy to share any FitPick® data and literature with our clients to help create or build upon your school’s wellness program.

New FitPick® Nutrition Standards Per Package

CALORIES200 or less
FAT8g or less (≤35% of calories)
SATURATED FAT2g or less (<10% of calories)
SUGAR18g or less (≤35% of weight)
SODIUM≤200mg or less*

Need Fundraising For Your School? Do It Through Vending!

Because raising healthy children involves more than a nutritional diet, Evans Vending Service is proud to offer funding for your schools through our school program. Through this program, a percentage of funds collected from machines at your school are donated back to your clubs, sports and music programs.

All schools need more funds. There is a lot of money leaking out of the school vending machines that could be kept in the school for school activities. Schools that convert to self-operated healthy vending enjoy thousands and thousands of dollars in net profits from each vending machine annually.

We understand schools need to raise revenue to fund various school and sports programs. Evans will find the right balance of best selling promotional items that will maximize your revenues.

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