Improving Employee Wellness with Healthy Snacks in the Tri-State, New York City, and Newark Area

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Busy workdays require a lot of energy. Employees need to fuel up to stay focused. However, sugary snacks can lead to energy crashes. Thus, employees feel tired and have trouble concentrating. Stocking healthy snacks in your breakroom is a better solution.

Here’s how Tri-State area healthy vending services and modern breakroom technology boost employee health and productivity.

Healthy Choices Improve Productivity in New York City

Want to see productivity skyrocket? Add more healthy options to your Newark office vending service! Nutritious snacks help employees stay energized. Therefore, they can crush their to-do lists. That’s because their minds stay sharp.

Feeling groggy? Employees can zip into the break room to recharge. While there, they can grab snacks from the New York City office vending machine. Trail mix and nuts are energizing snacks.

Looking for the perfect products? Evans Refreshment Solutions can help! We’ve provided quality vending services since 1960. Thus, we have decades of experience. We know what employees want and what snacks help them feel their best!

Healthy Snacks Increase Employee Satisfaction in Newark

Happy employees are hard-working ones. Improve employee satisfaction with healthy snacks. How? Stock them in your Newark office pantry. Healthy freebies are instant pick-me-ups.

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Healthy foods lift your mood. Studies have found that nutritious options can lower depression and stress. Stock your Tri-State area self-pay market with fresh selections. This makes it easy to buy healthy meals right on-site. Evans can help you build a welcoming and well-designed space. We’ll also stock your micro market with the best foods in town. For instance, offer salads, soups, and sandwiches. Or, get fresh fruit. This makes the perfect lunchtime side!

Additionally, employees don’t have to travel far for a good meal. The New York City micro market is a short stroll away!

Healthy Choices Create a Better Workplace Culture

Employee engagement is an important part of every company. Did you know that healthy foods can improve company culture? Yep, that’s right! Offering better-for-you choices shows you care. Your team will feel prioritized.

Furthermore, delicious foods promote employee bonding. Employees can buy healthy snacks from the vending machines, and Evans’ Newark breakroom technology makes it easy and convenient. Remote monitoring helps us keep your machines fully stocked so employees can always buy their favorites from our innovative vending machines.

Additionally, our vending technology sends real-time alerts, so we’ll always be one step ahead of any problems. Therefore, your team will love our office vending technology!

Offer More Healthy Snacks in Your Tri-State Breakroom this Summer

Help employees feel their best this summer and all year long. How? Contact Evans Refreshment Solutions today! We’ll help you find the perfect healthy snacks. Plus, our snack vending technology is sure to please!

Call us today at (201) 641-6000 for more info. Ask us about our vending, mico-market, office coffee, and beverage vending technology solutions. We’re excited to hear from you!

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