How a Micro Market Can Attract and Retain Employees at Your New York City, Jersey City, or Newark Business

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When you think hiring and retention, think micro market. This kind of breakroom technology can impress staff, both old and new. It’s not just that self-pay markets have better snack vending technology or healthy options. It’s also how they upgrade the break space to a welcoming refreshing place. The break experience changes. This can boost culture, help staff work better, and keep a team happy.

Evans Refreshment Solutions knows how vital attracting and keeping talented staff is. That is why we bring modern micro markets to New York City, Jersey City, and Newark. It’s a way to transform the modern breakroom into a perk that speaks to new and current staff. Check out how a self-pay market can help, from hiring to employee well-being.

A Micro Market is Designed to Impress

During the interview process, companies must show their best perks to the talent they hope to hire. That might be high-quality New York City office coffee, which is a great way to warm up an interviewee. To truly impress, however, there needs to be something special. Enter the office micro market from ERS. This innovative vending solution is an open concept. That means custom shelves, glass-front coolers, signage, and lights combine to create a first-class breakroom. The innovative self-pay market is a highlight during tours that candidates won’t soon forget.

A Micro Market Boosts Company Culture

Office vending technology is a great boost to company culture. The variety of snacks and drinks on demand meets the team’s needs. Even better is a Jersey City micro market. The looks and food options draw staff in. The market is a place for employees to gather and chat. This fosters a team feel and promotes happiness. Research shows that happy employees are 20% more productive. Not to mention that happy staff also stay at their jobs longer.

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A Micro Market Promotes Good Break Habits

There are even more positives to breakroom innovation. A Newark micro market can be such a win for employees that they start taking regular, short breaks. These mini-breaks have been shown to help boost brain power and thinking. Staff who take frequent breaks get more done and with less burnout. That’s a win-win that helps you keep your top talent.

Subsidies Show Staff They are Valued

Subsidizing products can make the New York City micro market more of a perk. ERS can help incentivize healthier eating by making those options cheaper or free. It saves companies money over a cafeteria and offers more options than office pantry service. Plus, a subsidized market is an ideal way to set yourself apart as a company that cares for staff. That’s a powerful message when recruiting employees.

Add a Micro Market to Your Breakroom Today

A micro market is the innovative vending solution you’ve been looking for in New York City, chiefly one from ERS. We have the experience and products for a top-notch self-pay market. This will help employees be happy thanks to on-site drinks, snacks, and meals. Plus, it will entice them into taking breaks sure to help productivity. There’s also a subsidy option that can really drive the innovative breakroom advantage home.

Let ERS take charge of your breakroom by adding a micro market. Contact us at (201) 641-6000 today. We tend to all our client’s needs, from beverage vending technology to office water and ice. Let us show you how good the break room can be!

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