Why Choose Evans Vending

Why Choose Evans Vending

If You’re Looking For an Array of Vending Machine Options and Outstanding Service, We Can Satisfy. Learn Why Below.

From our certified technicians on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to our dedicated team of route drivers, we have been delivering on this promise of exceptional service to NY Metro area businesses each and every day since 1960.

Realtime Alerts

Wireless monitoring of vending machines to provide the best service. We invest in web-based technology to ensure we know what is selling and the status of all our equipment 24/7.

Machines Never Empty

Using real time intelligence we are alerted when product inventory levels need adjusting. We respond immediately with increased route driver site visits.

24/7 Customer Service

No voicemail. No answering machines. Call us and you get a real person to help with your service needs no matter the time of day – often addressed in under 4 hours.

Fast Response Time

We react immediately to any problem with a fleet of emergency service vehicles have an average response time of no more than 4 hours.

Superior Maintenance

Our machines are serviced and maintained in clean, sanitary conditions at all times so you can rely on your equipment.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We offer the most innovative, technological advanced vending, breakroom and coffee equipment available on today’s market.

Dedicated, Uniformed Technicians

Our trained, uniformed route personnel are courteous, efficient and professional in all their interactions with your staff and visitors.

Flexible Payment Options

Enjoy vending machines that take more than just cash. We accept all forms of payment from cash to debit and credit cards to mobile wallets, including cashless Apple Pay.

Healthy Options

Helping people choose healthier vending items just got easier. We partner with you to bring health and wellness to your workplace including healthy snack, drink, and food options.

Evans Vending

Vending Programs Offered

Don’t settle on a vending company that won’t work with you to offer the BEST vending programs that meets your goals. At Evans Company, we believe in offering flexible vending programs. With our use of vending technology, it’s to keep track of your inventory and receivables so you don’t have to!

Traditional Full-Line Vending

From healthy snacks to hot and cold to fresh and frozen foods, Evans Company full line vending services offer New Jersey locations a variety of vending equipment that can meet all of your needs. Depending on the size of your location and the number of employees you have, our state-of-the-art equipment can be installed for you at no cost.

Subsidized Vending

Sharing the cost of vended products with your employees is an innovative way to reward them. Products are tracked by internal vending machine meters and regular machine inventories. Invoices from Evans Vending show in detail what products were purchased, in addition to the subsidized balance due.

Free Vending

A great employee retention tool – vending at no cost to your employees! Snacks and beverages are delivered to your location and personally stocked and maintained by an Evans Vending service representative. Our clients receive invoices and statements reflecting products consumed for that month.

School Vending

With the help of national vending nutrition programs and standards, we have developed a targeted school vending program specifically designed to assist food service directors and school administrators in meeting their nutrition and wellness goals and local, state, and national standards.

Evans Vending

Our Vending Machines Are Fully Featured!

The mechanical, coin-operated machines of the past have been replaced with the latest technology and greatly improve the end-user experience. Here are just some of the newest features in the vending machines offered by Evans Company.

Evans Vending

You Won’t Find a Wider Variety of Machines In New Jersey, New York or New York City!

Click below to view the machine variety Evans can offer for each category.

Snack & Candy Vending Machines

We aim for the perfect balance between indulgent, traditional, and healthy items. Chips, pastries, gums, mints, candies, cookies and healthy selections in modern, reliable machines.

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Cold Beverage Vending Machines

Today’s best selling flavors and drink varieties to stay hydrated and refreshed at work. Your location can get a mixed selection of beverages including carbonated, flavored waters, juices, energy drinks, etc.

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Fresh Food Vending Machines

A great solution for employees that don’t want to the leave the premises or need a healthier eating alternative. We offer the ability to customize your menu as well as rotate in new food items to keep the selection fresh.

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Hot Beverage Vending Machines

Experience the pleasures of delicious hot beverages that rival the quality of any gourmet coffee shop. Our machines delivering customized coffee, cappuccinos and more at the push of a button!

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Frozen Food & Ice Cream Vending Machines

Provide your employees and customers with a full variety of high quality foods, ice cream and frozen desserts. Choose from a wide selection of organic and all natural products and entrees.

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Combination (Combo) Vending Machines

Offers the largest selection of snacks, pastries, fresh food & beverages in the same merchandiser – great space-saver! Caters to hungry and thirsty employees who only want to make a single stop.

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Healthy Options Vending Machines

We know that companies in the NY area are looking for ways to encourage their employees to live healthier lifestyles. We can support health and wellness initiatives in business and schools.

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