Sustainable water dispensers and taps, for great-tasting water in every workplace.


Great Tasting, Chilled, Sparking, Ambient Or Hot Filtered Water At Your Fingertips.

Borg & Overström design and manufacture sustainable water coolers and tap systems for all corporate, educational, healthcare and office environments. Elevate your hydration and enjoy chilled, ambient, sparkling and hot filtered water, without the need for single-use plastic bottles.

From the very start, Borg & Overström set out to provide locally sourced, sustainable drinking water solutions, reducing the reliance on plastic bottled water. Our founding commitment to sustainability remains the same but we continue to evolve our own practices and technologies to benefit both people and planet.


We Are Distinctively Different

Distinctive by Design.

Our next-generation Maktens Borg products are designed and built in the UK, building on our 20 years of industry knowledge and expertise. We strive to provide extraordinary drinking water experiences through distinctive design and thoughtful innovation.

Responsible Manufacture.

Solar powered production facility. Zero-to-landfill production facilities. WEEE regulation compliant for responsible electronic waste. Reducing plastic packaging and using a minimum of 80% recycled content in recyclable boxes.

Environmental Responsibility.

From nearshoring our supply chain to ISO 14001 accreditation for Environment Management Systems and an EcoVadis Silver Award, our practices are built around sustainable choices. Aiming to be net-zero by 2025 by continually working to reduce our carbon emissions and planting trees to offset unavoidable emissions.

Social Responsibility.

We believe access to pure drinking water is a right for anyone. We support The Water Project and Made Blue Foundation as part of our charitable commitment to this belief. Additional charitable initiatives soon to be announced.

SDG Goals.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are a collection of 17 agreed goals to address global challenges. By choosing SDGs that are relevant, businesses can align their strategy to support these goals. A Borg & Overström POU water dispenser can support any of the following SDGs:


Originality Is Our Cornerstone

Healthy Hydration With Filtered Drinking Water, Without The Plastic Bottle.

For over 20 years, we have been providing sustainable drinking water solutions that are easily accessible and beautiful to drink. With a touch of a button, you can enjoy freshly-filtered chilled, ambient or sparkling water, which is locally sourced, pure and tastes great. Hydrate naturally and help eliminate the need for single-use plastic water bottles. Better for you, better for the planet.

In everything we do we believe in challenging mediocrity. Every Borg & Overström water dispenser and tap system is built to exceed expectations.


Environmental Sustainability Is Built Into Our Culture

Energy-Efficient And Environmentally-Friendly Technology.

As part of our commitment to improve the sustainability of our water dispensers, we are constantly working to develop evergreen, eco-friendly technologies. From enhancing our cooling systems to be more energy-efficient, to implementing intelligent EcoBoil temperature sensing and energy-saving EcoMode, which prevents unnecessary energy waste during the heating and cooling process, our dispensers are sustainably superior, reducing both energy consumption and running costs.

Now more than ever before, sustainability and energy efficiency is a first concern for all walks of life. Whether you’re an energy consultant who wants to improve a workplaces sustainability pledge, a facilities manager looking to cut your bills, or a consumer who wants to be certain that they’re using a product that helps minimize any negative effects on the environment – sustainability comes first.


Our Totality® System Includes Six Innovations, Which Together Provide Exceptional Levels Of Water Dispenser Hygiene And Performance

Totality® Hygiene Assurance For Confidently Clean Water.

At Borg & Overström, we believe that the water you drink shouldn’t just taste fresh, it must be fresh, filtered, and clean. Our Totality® approach to clean and healthier water has been carefully developed over 20 years, utilising carbon filtration, ultra-violet purification and antimicrobial protection as part of our 5-step Totality® methodology. No matter how you enjoy your water, sparkling or hot, served in a glass or a bottle, every Borg & Overström water dispenser provides safe, great-tasting, premium water.

Ambient bodies of water provide the ideal conditions for bacteria to multiply to dangerous levels, such as within poorly designed and maintained water dispensers. Totality® provides protection inside and out, so you can be confident that water from a Borg & Overström dispenser is safe and refreshing.


Add A Bit Of Sparkle To Your Refreshment Service

Deep Sparkle® Intense, Long-Lasting Sparkling Water

The superior Deep Sparkle®, unique to Borg & Overström, is achieved through high-pressure saturation. Inside a Borg & Overström water dispenser, water is pumped at high pressure through a small nozzle into the refrigerated carbonation tank. The tank is pressurised and filled with CO2 gas. Inside the tank, the jet of water breaks up into fine water droplets, increasing the surface area of the water and CO2 absorption. CO2 bubbles then combine inside the tank to form larger bubbles. You may notice that sparkling water is even more bubbly when the water hasn’t been dispensed for a while. This is because the water has continued to absorb CO2, and larger bubbles have continued to form. The bigger the bubbles, the better the ‘pop’ sensation.

All Borg & Overström water dispensers and integrated taps have Deep Sparkle® sparkling water as an option. Deep Sparkle® is easily maintained with safe, easy to fit CO2 canisters. Customers tell us that Borg & Overström carbonated water has a good ‘pop’ and delivers longer-lasting, refreshingly bubbly water.

Equipment Line

Our complete range of water dispensers & tap systems.

Perfect for corporate offices, healthcare, and education environments, our premium water solutions promote both hydration and hygiene. Manufactured with both sustainability and energy-efficiency in mind, increase your employees productivity with a technologically-advanced water tap or water dispenser. Smart water solutions designed to optimize performance.

E4 (Water Dispenser)

The next evolution in water dispensing technology with powerful 3-way versatility.

E6 (Water Dispenser)

The latest evolution in sustainable water dispensing technology.

E7 (Water Dispenser)

Evolved elegance for the ultimate luxury in filtered drinking water.

T1 (Tap System)

High-capacity dispensing for complete countertop convenience.

T2 (Tap System)

A refined drinking water tap for sleek countertop integration and easy fitting.

T3 (Tap System)

Hot tap technology integrates filtered drinking water into any countertop.

Want To See The Borg & Overström Difference?

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