Healthy Vending Options

Healthy Vending

Evans Ascribes to the American Heart Association, PepsiCo’s Hello Goodness™, and NAMA’s Fit Pick® Product Guidelines.

Evans Coffee and Vending is changing the way our clients think about vending as we are committed to better understanding their needs and goals for wellness in the workplace. Vending machines typically offer as many as 45 different products. Most consumers expect this to include “pleasure foods” such as candy bars, chips and soft drinks. But, the growing awareness regarding health and wellness is leading consumers and organizations to request alternative choices to support a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Programs For Offices and Schools

NAMA’s Fit Pick®

Evans Coffee and Vending is pleased to work with our clients to provide healthy solutions that meet their wellness needs by offering the personalized Fit Pick® program.

Fit Pick® is an easy but effective healthy vending program that highlights nutritious and well balanced foods and drinks. The National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) created the program to help schools and workplaces implement a program that identifies products that meet specific nutrition guidelines.

FitPick® SELECT is a FitPick® programming component that is specially designed to meet stringent nutrition guidelines. It is the ideal option for operators in schools and other locations who aim to provide snack choices that comply with the nutrition standards established by the USDA for snacks sold in schools.

Evans Coffee and Vending employs Fit Pick® to personalize a program specific for your work place or school, that meets your product preferences, as well as promotes your wellness and healthy lifestyle goals.

Say Hello To Healthy

PepsiCo’s Hello Goodness™

Hello Goodness™ offers a wide portfolio of Good-For-You and Better-For-You products that provide fuel for sustained energy and satisfying products that enhance emotional well-being.

The Hello Goodness™ vending machine features a thoughtfully chosen selection of PepsiCo products such as such as Naked Juice, Smartfood Delight popcorn, Lay’s Oven Baked potato chips, Quaker Real Medleys bars, Pure Leaf iced tea, Propel Electrolyte Water, Tropicana Pure Premium and Sabra Ready-to-Eat Hummus cups.

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