Step into the Future with New York City, Jersey City, and Newark Cashless Vending Machines

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Today, convenience is everything, and the use of cash is fading fast. About 67% of all transactions made in 2022 were cashless. That’s because more people are paying with their cards or smartphones. This makes buying faster, safer, and easier than ever before. Swipe, tap, or dip, and you’re done! However, cashless payments aren’t just for stores. Step into the future with New York City cashless vending machines.

Keep reading to learn more about this advanced breakroom technology.

Welcome to the New Era of Vending Technology

Evans Refreshment Services offers cashless vending technology. Our innovative vending machines accept cards and mobile wallets. No cash? No problem! Use your phone to buy what you want, when you want‌ it. For instance, use Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more. Our Newark snack vending technology is quick, convenient, and hassle-free.

Furthermore, cashless payments are healthy and safe. Fewer people will touch the vending machines. This reduces the spread of germs. Our electronic payments are also secure. We keep your sensitive info safe!

Step into a World of Cashless Vending Machines in New York City

New York City Modern Breakroom Technology | Jersey City Office Snacks | Newark Cashless Vending Machines

ERS goes beyond cashless beverage vending technology. We also offer Jersey City self-pay markets! Our micro markets have self-checkout kiosks and are always open. Thus, you can buy fresh foods and healthy snacks 24/7. Don’t carry cash? Pay with your card or phone. Skip the drive to the store and endless checkout lines. Employees can eat healthy without skipping a beat!

Shoppers can also pay through our micro market app. Easily add funds, pay for items, and manage your account. This puts you in the driver’s seat!

Want to wow your team? Ask us about prepaid micro market cards. Add funds to their cards as rewards or incentives. Employees will know you care. Therefore, this breakroom innovation can boost retention.

Improve the Newark Area Breakroom Experience

Cashless vending machines are just the start. ERS’ New York City office vending technology offers much more! For instance, we have interactive touchscreens. Users can view nutritional information or personalized promos. We also provide SureVend technology. This makes product jams a thing of the past!

Additionally, ERS tracks your machines remotely. We’ll stay one step ahead of problems or empty shelves. Employees will always enjoy fully stocked, well-working machines. This improves staff satisfaction.

Learn What Tri-State Area Cashless Vending Machines Can Do for You

Want to learn more? Contact ERS today at (210) 641-6000. We’ll help you pick the best modern breakroom technology for your needs.

We also offer New York City office coffee, micro market, and water filtration solutions. Our services will prepare your breakroom for the future and beyond!

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