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Break Room Technology: Evans Refreshment Solutions Serves the New York City Area

As a New York City break room provider, staying ahead of the curve is important. Now more than ever, companies are not only looking for great service. But they also want modern break room technology. That’s where we come in! We can help take your break room up a notch at Evans Refreshment Solutions. We’ll work with you to make a space your employees will love and use. From fresh coffee to micro markets in Jersey City, we’ve got you covered. So, here’s how we can elevate your break room.

Innovating New York City Break Rooms

Evans Refreshment Solutions knows the importance of staying ahead. That’s why we offer cutting-edge solutions for your team. How can that help you? We can start by putting interactive touchscreens and infrared technology in your vending machines. With infrared sensors, our vending machines detect and refund customers if a product gets stuck. This ensures a smooth transaction every time, helping your team feel at ease while enjoying their snack break.

Designs for Every Space

Every break room is unique; we want to ensure you love yours! That’s why we provide custom-fitted vending equipment with personalized wraps and signs. We can even add millwork to your Newark micro market and office pantry. How cool is that? No matter your style, we’ll work with you to find designs that fit your needs.

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Wireless Technology in a Jersey City Break Room

Our secret to successfully managing every New York City break room? We use wireless technology to track inventory. That means we know when your team’s favorite snacks and drinks run out. We can track levels before leaving the warehouse to check for items that need restocking. Plus, we can see what is slow and can be replaced. That means less food going to waste and more happy employees!

Easy Payments & Innovative Break Room Equipment

You want to make your new break room easy and convenient for your team. The best way to do that is with payment options. Now, we offer easy credit card mobile payments. So they can check out with the click of a button. We’re one of the first refreshment providers to offer Cold Snap machines in break rooms. Cold Snap delivers tasty drinks and frozen treats in minutes. From smoothies and frozen lattes to ice cream and frozen mocktails, your employees will love it! Contact us today to learn more about Cold Snap machines!

The time to upgrade your break room is now. Contact ERS today to get started. We can’t wait to work with you!

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