Touchless Purchase: Making Your Micro Markets Safer

All over the world, people are looking for and choosing to use the safest means for the simplest everyday actions.

You may have even taken those simple actions for granted before, actions like checking out when buying food or drinks. Safety is something that you probably never thought about when doing this kind of thing before the COVID-19 pandemic, but today this is a major concern for us all. Because we’re all thinking about these things and because safety should be a priority for any business, it’s important that business owners who use micro markets and the customers who buy products from these kiosks understand that touchless purchase is a valuable option when checking out.

Untouchable Benefits

Evans provides our partners with awesome options for touchless purchase. These were valuable before the days of COVID but are now proving to be more than just innovative payment methods, instead providing a practical and safe way to interact with checkout kiosks in a micro market. Touchless purchase uses your phone, your employee micro market card, or your credit or debit card to purchase your products with ease and without touching the kiosk screen after scanning your items. This makes it easy to check out but also ensures you’re limiting the risk of catching or spreading everything from the common cold to COVID.

A Vital Part of Your COVID Safety Efforts

As part of a larger strategy that should include social distancing and wearing masks in your micro markets, touchless purchase should be encouraged to help mitigate risk in your workplace. These efforts not only help prevent the spread of COVID, but make sure your employees feel safe in the office or on the job. And if there are moments where your employees need to interact with the touchscreens in your kiosks, there are safer ways to use the screens. Using a stylus pen with a rubber tip, a clean napkin or cloth over your finger, latex gloves or even the corner of your micro market card on the screen will allow you to interact with the screen. It’s also a good idea to keep a hand sanitizing station near your checkout kiosk as an extra precaution.

Your Micro Market Partners

The Evans team is here to answer any questions you might have about all of your vending products. Feel free to get in touch today and find out if a micro market is a good fit for your business.

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