Crane Merchant Media Combo Vending Machines
  • Largest Variety: Increase sales and consumer satisfaction with the largest number of selections in the industry.
  • Shopping Cart: Enables multi-product purchases in one, simple transaction. Consumers can pay before or after selection.
  • Nutritional Information: Supports FDA nutritional requirements with easy-to-read facts for making healthy choices.
  • Digital Advertising: Displays pre-loaded advertisements and interactive promotions that encourage multiple sales, while building brand loyalty.
  • Delivery Speed: Delivers product in only 8 seconds, increasing sales, speed of service and customer satisfaction.

Crane Merchant MEDIA Ambient Series

Rapid product delivery speed with high impact visual merchandising

Narrow: 38-56 Selections, Wide: 58-84 Selections

Merchant MEDIA Ambient offers more selections and flexibility for enhanced non-refrigerated, glass-front merchandising value. The MEDIA platform enhances the ambient snack machine and adds an interactive user interface that engages consumers with a 7″ color screen and shopping cart capability, digital ad functionality, guaranteed product delivery and an out-of-the-box cashless option.

  • 7″ Interactive color touch screen control
  • SureVend Technology
  • Up to 7 shelves and 12-wide configurations for a variety of product inventory
  • Customization graphics to attract customers
  • Meets 2012 ADA height guidelines
  • Ready-to-go graphic design solutions for healthy vending
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