Vending Technology

Vending Technology

We are Technology driven to ensure our fast-paced NY Metro area customers get the level of service they expect and deserve.

Technology not only makes us more efficient at what we do, but it also enables us to achieve savings, which are passed along to our customers.

Remote Monitoring

Through remote monitoring, Evans Vending route teams know when and where to go, and exactly what to take to re-stock popular vending items. With our remote monitoring system tracking every purchase, your favorite items will always be available and your machine won’t be out of service for weeks.

In addition to always keeping fresh foods in stock, remote monitoring enables us to monitor the efficiency and operations of our equipment, so that our maintenance is performed pro-actively.

Real-time Alerts

We receive notifications in real time if any operational issues occur, such as if there is low inventory or the machine’s plug is pulled out of the socket.

Better Inventory Management

We receive daily transactions and sales reports and know which products sell best. This knowledge means we are always prepared to re-stock your machines.

GPS Tracking

All of our trucks are also equipped with GPS tracking devices. We know the location of our technicians throughout the day which allows us to respond to our clients’ service needs in a timely fashion.

Cashless Vending

Today, cashless payment is transforming the vending industry, with consumers increasingly short on cash and long on electronic payment means such as local debit or credit cards, mobile phones or digital wallets.

Paying with a credit or debit card, employee account number, or mobile phone is generally faster than dealing with cash, and there is no need to struggle with uncooperative bills or to collect change. More than 40 percent of Americans say that they can go a week without making a single cash purchase. Cashless vending machines allow your customers a greater degree of flexibility when purchasing items.

  • Credit cards and debit cards – contact & contactless
  • NFC mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Payments and bank wallets
  • Mobile payments and bank wallets
  • Prepaid cards for prepaid environments such as offices, universities and healthcare

Mobile Apps

We are a leader in providing breakroom modernization, replacing vending machines with convenience store style markets.

Paying for products in your market has never been easier! 80% of shoppers are using their mobile device inside stores anyways! Why not make your market experience as smooth as possible.

No need to wait in line to checkout! This app lets individuals add funds, manage their account, and checkout right from their own device.

It’s like having a kiosk in every hand.

Not only does the app put the controls in the market user’s hands, but it also gives operator the ability to monitor and manage their market on the go, ensuring markets get the best service possible! You can also offer product discounts and promotions to your employees via the market app.

Evans Vending

State-of-the-Art Vending Machines

The mechanical, coin-operated machines of the past have been replaced with the latest technology and greatly improve the end-user experience. Here are just some of the newest features in the vending machines offered by Evans Company.

Interactive Touchscreens

SureVend® Technology

Product Promotions

Nutritional Information

Cashless Payments

Remote Monitoring

Energy Efficient

Custom Designs

ADA Compliant

Vending Technology

What This Technology Means To Our Customers

It’s not just about flashy features – it’s about helping our customers save time, money and stay healthy.

Our Machines Talk :: Giving our vending machines a “voice”, helps Evans provide faster, more reliable services.

Our Machines Are NEVER Empty :: Our telemetry system will alert us when product inventory levels need adjusting. We respond to inventory alerts immediately.

Our Machines Give Rewards :: The customer rewards programs built into our state-of-the-art equipment helps attract consumers and ensure loyalty.

Our Machines Have Flexible Payment Options :: Customers won’t walk away if they carry large bills or don’t carry ANY cash at all!

Our Machines Are ADA Compliant :: If you need services in a school, university, hospital or government agency, you can accommodate any and all special needs.

Our Machines Can Help You Stay Healthy :: Our interactive nutritional information tool is designed to help consumers make choices based on their diets.

Our Machines Won’t Frustrate You :: With Sure-Vend technology, you’ll avoid tedious service calls, failed vends, and unhappy customers.

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