Office Coffee Programs

Evans Office Coffee Service

Evans provides office coffee solutions that bring variety and convenience with cafe quality coffee to your break room.

One office coffee service program does not fit the many unique businesses in the New York Metro area. That’s why we have varied, flexible coffee program options to fully meet the needs of our customers with individualized attention, service and product lines. We provide all the essential office coffee and tea service items, including creamers, sugars, stir sticks, paper products, cups, premium teas, coffee and lots more.

Create a cafe in your break room by choosing either commercial-grade office coffee service brewers designed to deliver premium flavor or the huge variety provided by single-cup brewers. Tailor your office coffee service program with your ideal coffee brands from national names like Peet’s, Green Mountain and Starbucks to local roaster favorites like Grammercy Park and Lacas Coffee. There are no minimum orders required.

Single Cup Coffee Brewers

While many people in your workplace enjoy a cup of coffee to start out their busy day, we can guarantee that not everyone has the same tastes. One person might enjoy a cappuccino, the other a black coffee, and the next a vanilla latte. What if we told you we could satisfy everyone’s taste buds with a single machine? Say hello to our line of single cup brewers.

One Machine, One Button – Infinite Flavor Options

Whether you have an office of three people or 30, a single-serve coffee brewer can transform your office coffee experience. Keep everyone happy with a wide variety of coffee, tea and hot chocolate options. Investing in a single-serve brewer improves employee satisfaction and boosts collaboration. These are just some benefits single-serve coffee brewers provide:

  • Guaranteed Fresh Coffee
  • Faster Brewing
  • Less Coffee Waste
  • More Opportunity for Variety
  • Easy to Clean
  • Something For Every Taste

Bean To Cup Coffee Brewers

There’s something special about whole bean coffee. It has that fresh, untouched aroma that coffee lovers crave. With bean-to-cup brewers, you get to brew coffee in its purest form. Every cup takes you back to a small farm, in an exotic location, where beans are harvested and roasted to perfection. Your office shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than that.

Brew coffee in it’s purest form every day at the office.

Answer the call of your inner barista. Create custom, coffee shop beverage experiences with the touch of a button. Your team will love getting a delicious cup of Joe just steps away from their desk. Here’s the top 5 reasons why clients choose Bean to Cup:

  • Bigger and busier – These machines are ideal for offices that have over 100 coffee drinkers daily. No matter how much java your team needs, we’ve got them covered.
  • Local & artisan bean options – Since each cup is ground fresh every time, you can have your favorite beans in this machine, even from a neighborhood coffee roaster. Each machine typically has 2 or 3 bean options, so the delicious combinations are limitless.
  • Have it your way – From unique beans to multiple flavor options, there’s really no taste combination you can’t create. That means everyone can enjoy exactly what they’re craving.
  • Freshness – With a Bean to Cup machine, it takes less than a minute to grind and brew a cup of coffee, which allows your team to enjoy the freshest cup of Joe at any point during the work day.
  • High-tech features – From connecting to the internet and energy-saving modes, to streaming videos – Bean to Cup machines bring the latest cutting-edge technologies to your breakroom.

Traditional Coffee Brewers

When A Large Amount Of Coffee Is A Priority, Try Our Commercial Brewers.

Does your company or business have a break room with high consumption requirements? Evans Company offer a wide selection of traditional auto-drip coffee brewers that turn out quality coffee in the quantity you need to meet the demands of your employees or customers.

We have the best commercial coffee machines to fit the needs of your business — from automatic brewers with warmers to keep coffee toasty and tempting to portable airpots for long meetings or as a self-serve option at your coffee station.

  • Produce Coffee In Large Batches For High Volume Consumption Settings
  • Keep Coffee Hot For Hours With Warmers & Thermal Servers
  • Great Solution For Coffee That Has To Be Transported
  • Produces a Bolder, Hotter Cup of Coffee From Fresh Grounds
  • Commercial, Dependable, Quality Construction That Can Handle Heavy Use

Specialty Hot Beverage/Espresso Machines

When drip coffee just doesn’t fit the bill…brewed cappuccinos, lattes, Americanos, mochas, and other espresso drinks are just the right solution. Perfect for organizations of all sizes, our lineup of machines will bring the coffee shop experience to your work space. Featuring industry-leading brands like Lavazza and La Marzocco, our espresso solutions will brew the perfect cup in less than a minute. A vailable in pour-over and plumbed-in setups to meet your needs, along with manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic functionality. Choose an espresso machine that uses individual capsules for single servings of espresso, tea, and cocoa, requiring minimal preparation and cleanup, or a higher-volume machine with fresh-ground whole bean coffee choices.

Specialty Beverages For An Exceptional Experience

Are your employees or customers leaving your coffee bar to go elsewhere for their gourmet coffee? A regular cup of joe is certainly sufficient, but many coffee drinkers prefer specialty coffee in the form of espresso and foamed milk. The great news is, with the right gourmet coffee makers, there’s no need to visit a barista for that late afternoon latte. The experts at Evans Coffee have your gourmet coffee service solution with their selection of state-of-the-art espresso machines and cappuccino machines that feature easy one-step selection.

  • Provide your employees with the ability to create delectable, full-bodied beverages.
  • European brands that have extensive experience in crafting the perfect espresso beverage.
  • State of the Art. Machines have self-cleaning functions and self-replenishing systems.
  • Variety. Espresso makers have the ability to craft a variety of exquisite drinks everyone will enjoy.
  • Espresso is the go-to drink for the busy people of New York and the country as a whole.
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