Evans Vending Programs

Evans Vending Programs

If You’re Looking For an Array of Vending Machine Options, We Can Satisfy. Learn Why Below.

Evans Vending

Vending Programs Offered

We are the NY Metro area break room experts, bringing you state-of-the-art vending machines filled with the perfect balance of indulgent, traditional, and healthy vending selections. Our customers are important to us, so we offer specialized vending machine options to serve you and your clients better. Evans Vending Service offers top-line snack and candy vending machines, cold beverage vending machines, fresh food vending machines, frozen food and ice cream vending machines and hot beverage vending machines with the latest in wireless technology and cashless payment options.

Snacks & Candy, Cold & Hot Beverages, much more.

Traditional Vending

Evans Vending offers a wide range of products through a variety of vending equipment designed to serve your specific requirements. Our equipment contains the latest vending technology and currency acceptance equipment that provides reliable results. We conduct analysis and customer interviews to properly select the type and size of vending equipment that will maximize customer satisfaction.

  • Snack and Candy Vending
  • Cold Beverage Vending
  • Fresh Food Vending
  • Hot Beverage Vending
  • Frozen Foods & Ice Cream Vending
  • Combo Vending Machines
  • Healthy Vending Machines

Need More?

Vending Payment Options

Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Mobile Wallets

Cashless Vending

Card based transactions continue to grow as a desired method of payment Evans Coffee and Vending provides cashless vending solutions allowing customers to use their debit or credit cards to pay for their purchase. This cellular based technology does not require access to telephone or data lines at the customer site making the installation easy while not affecting the integrity of business data.

  • Large Bill Acceptors
  • Debit and Credit Card Acceptors
  • Mobile Wallets like Apple Pay and Android Pay
  • Safe and Secure Transactions

Want innovation? Share the costs.

Subsidized Vending

Companies often look for ways to boost employee morale and increase production. Offering a subsidized vending program can be a very inexpensive way to do that. Sharing the cost of vended products with your employees is an innovative way to reward them. Products are tracked by internal vending machine meters, our handheld computers, and regular machine inventories. Monthly invoices from Evans Vending show in detail what products were purchased, in addition to the subsidized balance due.

  • Motivate Your Employees
  • Help Keep Costs Under Control
  • We Keep Track of The Numbers For You

A Great Employee Retention Tool

Free Vending

“Free Vend” is the latest employee-pleasing and exciting trend in vending. With Evans Free Vend, your company pays for all the snacks, beverages & candies… anything you wish. And your employees pay…nothing!

Your employees – who now enjoy this generous benefit – will see your company as a place they will want to stay. Perception is everything these days, and great employees are looking for companies who place value in them. Benefits like these help you keep your employees longer and stay happier!

In certain situations, you may desire the convenience of vending without charging the user for the products served. Many times, this arrangement is used to offer free coffee without the headache and mess that comes from self-brewing. Please contact us for more details.

  • Excellent Employee Retention Too
  • You Receive A Monthly Statement Reflecting Products Consumed For That Month.

100% USDA Snacks in Schools Compliant

School Vending

In today’s health conscious environment both school administrators, government officials and parents are concerned about healthy food service at their children’s schools, Vending is no exception. There exists certain rules and regulations to help us comply with these standards. Evans Coffee and Vending believes in providing fresh healthy products to all the schools and learning institutions we serve. We also understand that we are not just providing snacks but are really providing a healthy service. As a result, we constantly check best buy dates as well as determining what products sell best. In addition, we know through wireless technology if any machines are not working and we will be out that day to repair it. We provide our vending machines at no cost to the school and can under certain circumstances set up a commission system that helps fund the schools vital programs. We can provide a detailed list of all products that are healthy and government approved upon request.

  • Utilize NAMA’s FitPick® SELECT For School Program
  • Compliant with USDA Snacks In Schools Guidelines
  • School Fundraising Programs Available

Evans Vending

You Won’t Find a Wider Variety of Machines In NJ, NY or NYC!

Click below to view the machine variety Evans can offer for each category.

Snack & Candy Vending Machines

We aim for the perfect balance between indulgent, traditional, and healthy items. Chips, pastries, gums, mints, candies, cookies and healthy selections in modern, reliable machines.

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Cold Beverage Vending Machines

Today’s best selling flavors and drink varieties to stay hydrated and refreshed at work. Your location can get a mixed selection of beverages including carbonated, flavored waters, juices, energy drinks, etc.

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Fresh Food Vending Machines

A great solution for employees that don’t want to the leave the premises or need a healthier eating alternative. We offer the ability to customize your menu as well as rotate in new food items to keep the selection fresh.

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Hot Beverage Vending Machines

Experience the pleasures of delicious hot beverages that rival the quality of any gourmet coffee shop. Our machines delivering customized coffee, cappuccinos and more at the push of a button!

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Frozen Food & Ice Cream Vending Machines

Provide your employees and customers with a full variety of high quality foods, ice cream and frozen desserts. Choose from a wide selection of organic and all natural products and entrees.

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Combination (Combo) Vending Machines

Offers the largest selection of snacks, pastries, fresh food & beverages in the same merchandiser – great space-saver! Caters to hungry and thirsty employees who only want to make a single stop.

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Healthy Options Vending Machines

We know that companies in the NY area are looking for ways to encourage their employees to live healthier lifestyles. We can support health and wellness initiatives in business and schools.

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