Coca Cola RVV 700 Plus Drink Vending Machines

Coca Cola/Pepsi RVV 700 Series

Get More with the new RVV 700 series beverage vending machines: More Capacity • More Selections • More Features

With a clear product retainer for optimal product presentation with straight on package viewing optimizes brand marketing, and an illuminated delivery port for better product presentation – the RVV 700 series will catch everyone’s attention!

It’s also fast! 20% faster vend time than other glass front venders leads to more sales and accommodates the “lunch hour rush”

  • Utilizes a “positive drive” vending system – the most reliable vend mechanism available
  • Meets 2012 ADA height guidelines
  • ENERGY STAR® compliant
  • Optical validation of product delivery
  • Cabinet design provides superior structural integrity for longevity
  • One piece refrigeration system can be replaced in 10 minutes – from the front!
Evans Company