Innovative Self-Pay Markets
in Brooklyn

micro markets and beverage vending machines in Brooklyn, New Jersey, and New YorkOffer fresh meals, a variety of tasty snacks, and refreshing beverages with our Brooklyn self-pay markets. Perfect for your breakroom or hotel lobby, a micro market is an unattended retail space featuring a variety of refreshments. We can tailor your Brooklyn micro market to include healthy options, favorite local snacks, and popular national brands. We take care of everything to ensure your self-pay market runs smoothly. Using modern technology, we monitor inventory to plan restocking. Additionally, customers pay independently at the self-pay kiosk, which accepts mobile wallets and credit cards.

Our Brooklyn Office Pantry Offers Your Team Free Refreshments

office pantry service and food vending machines in Brooklyn, New Jersey, and New YorkElevate your employee benefits with our Brooklyn office pantry service. Designed to cater to your team's needs, our service offers a wide range of refreshments. Our experts will collaborate with you to create a unique mix of snacks and beverages, including healthy options. Whether it's for a quick energy boost during meetings or a refreshing break between tasks, our service is there to support your team. Show your Brooklyn employees you value their well-being with this flexible and cost-effective benefit.

Enjoy Quality Products with Our Brooklyn Vending Services

vending machines and healthy vending machines in Brooklyn, New Jersey, and New YorkIndulge in a variety of quality refreshments and fresh foods with our Brooklyn vending services. Perfect for your lobby or breakroom, our modern vending machines offer a wide selection of products. From fresh meals and frozen options to snacks, beverages, and hot drinks, we have something for everyone. Our machines accept modern payment options like credit cards and mobile wallets, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your customers. Enhance your workplace with the convenience and variety of our vending services.

Start Each Day on the Right Foot with Our Brooklyn Office Coffee Service

office coffee and healthy vending service in Brooklyn, New Jersey, and New YorkA quality cup of coffee motivates and energizes your hardworking employees. With Evans Refreshment Solutions, you can create the ideal Brooklyn office coffee bar for your workplace. We offer a range of Brooklyn office coffee equipment, including single-serve coffee machines and bean-to-cup brewers. You can also make coffee by the pot for meetings with our traditional Brooklyn office coffee service. Additionally, we stock national and local coffee brands so that you can make the perfect brew.

Our Brooklyn Water & Ice Service Promotes Healthy Habits

water filtration and snack vending machines in Brooklyn, New Jersey, and New YorkNo drink is healthier or more important than water. Our Brooklyn office water and ice solutions provide fresh water free of impurities. Choose from our plumbed-in water filtration units, use our 5-gallon jug, or use our bottled water services. A Brooklyn ice machine is the perfect complement to your breakroom. Employees can enjoy cold, refreshing drinks anytime throughout the workday. Get in touch to learn more about our Brooklyn office water filtration and ice solutions.

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