The AMS Frozen Food Snack Machine

Ideal for vending frozen meals, frozen snacks and ice cream.

The AMS Frozen Food Snack Machine includes two levels of freezing. One for items such as ice cream products and the other for microwaveable products. The Frozen Food Snack Machine’s efficient hot-gas defrosting system does not need a heating element and like all AMS vending machines, it features the patented Sensit® Guaranteed Delivery System.

AMS machines are built with state-of-the-art materials and technology. They are purposely designed to be rugged, reliable, and reasonably priced. The interchangeability of parts means you store fewer spares. It also means you can change configurations quickly.

  • Height: 72″
  • Width: 39″
  • Depth: 35 3⁄4″
  • Weight: 740 lbs.
Evans Company